Roku vs Firestick 2022: Which One is Better?

Roku as well as Firestick are one of the topmost streaming devices in today’s market. Whether you prefer using Netflix or are an anime nerd, there is endless content available on both platforms. However, there are certain differences between the two that make them different from each other. Want to know what we are saying in detail? Well, in this post, we have talked all about Roku vs Firestick 2022. Thus, continue reading this post.

Roku vs Firestick 2022: A Detailed Comparison

  1. Pricing

Sometimes, buying electronics is not just about choosing the one that we like. What it costs also matters. You wouldn’t want to spend your entire salary on shopping for just a device, isn’t it?

With that said, below, we have highlighted the costs and features of Roku and Firestick models. You can go through this section and decide which one would you choose.

Roku Pricing

  • Roku Express: Costing $24.99, this is an entry-level device, especially for those who are sticking to a low budget.
  • Roku Ultra LT: Only for $79.99, this model does not include internet connectivity via a wireless connection.
  • Roku Streambar: Available at $99.97, Roku Streambar is a soundbar with a built-in Roku player, Bluetooth, and a Voice remote with TV controls.


  • Fire TV Cube: The price of the Fire TV Cube varies every year depending on its performance and customer feedback. It is 4K, HDR, and Dolby Vision.
  • Firestick 4K [Alexa Voice Remote]: Alike the previous Firestick model, it supports 4k streaming as well as Dolby Vision.
  • Firestick [Alexa Voice Remote Lite]: This is available at $19.99. It is not 4K and it does not have TV controls on the remote and HDR.

From the pricing comparison, you might figure out that Firestick is much more user-friendly as compared to Roku when it comes down to cost.

What happened? Are you still not sure which one is better? Well, in that case, we have laid a deeper comparison [Roku vs Firestick 2022] of the two below.

  1. Easy Use

When it comes to setup, Roku as well as Firestick are pretty much the same. All you are required to do is, connect your device to the TV and a seamless internet connection. After that, you need to create an account, then log in, and then just tweak a few settings to get started.

This was about the basic similarity between the two. The next section talks about Roku vs Firestick 2022 at a deep level.


Using the several features of Roku, you can keep a track of the episodes that you have watched. Apart from that, it is very easy to add channels to Roku and you can even organize your channel, starting from your most favorite to the least favorite ones.


In the case of Firestick, you are not allowed to organize your apps. Instead, you are forced to see the frequently Firestick channels first. However, it is a little easy to navigate in Firestick. Plus, you get recommendations completely based on what you have watched in the last few weeks.

  1. Mobile Apps

Basically, the Roku as well as the Firestick mobile apps can both turn your mobile devices to remote controls. You can search for movies or different shows using voice control. Also, you can gain access to the apps with ease and have playback controls as well.

Both apps are available on iOS as well as Android. Apart from this, they have a personal listening feature. Using this feature, you can stream in a hassle-free manner without disturbing anyone sitting near you.

Roku permits you to plug your headphones and earphones directly into the jack of your mobile phone. But, Firestick only allows you to use Bluetooth headphones and earphones.

The Bottom Line

After going through this post, you would have surely become aware of the comparison between Roku and Firestick. We hope that we were able to lay out the topic Roku vs Firestick 2022 in an easy-to-understand manner for you.

Now that you have gone through the information mentioned above, which one will you choose? Is it Roku or Firestick? Or are you still confused? In that case, consider making a little list of the pros and cons of Roku vs Firestick 2022. That might help you to make up your mind about what to choose and why.

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