Didactic Guide on How to Upgrade Windows 10 to 11

Lately, have you been fascinated by Windows 11? Do you want to learn how to upgrade Windows 10 to 11? Are you nodding your head in yes? Well then, you have stepped foot on the right post. Here, we have mentioned the step-by-step guidelines following which you will be able to upgrade your existing windows to 11 in a matter of minutes. Thus, read on.

Before You Begin

Make sure that the laptop on which you want to install Windows 11 is meeting the minimum requirements. In simple words, if your laptop is currently working on Windows 10, then you need to verify the minimum system requirements.

Doing so is possible via the PC Health Check app. Our experts do not recommend upgrading your device if it does not meet the needed requirements. Now, you can walk through the below-given steps in order to upgrade Windows 10.

How to Upgrade Windows 10 to 11?

  • Switch on your laptop.
  • Pull out its charger and use it to connect the laptop to a wall outlet.
  • Make sure that the wall socket is not damaged from any point.
  • Once that is done, press the Windows key on the keyboard.
  • Or you can also go to the Start menu on your laptop screen.
  • Go to the Settings menu.
  • Under the Update & Security option, click the Windows Update button.
  • Thereafter, select the Check Updates option.
  • Click on the Upgrade to Windows 11 button.

Within some time, the process of how to upgrade Windows 10 to 11 will come to an end. While the process is in action, would you like to learn about what features Windows 11 provide? Yes? Well then, continue reading this post.

Windows 11: Key Features

1. Organize Windows Using Snap Assist

If you want to attend a call, find some answers online, finish a paper, etc all at the same time, snap can help you stay organized in a hassle-free manner.

2. Connect With One Touch

Another wonderful benefit that you will get after learning how to upgrade Windows 10 to 11 is that you can connect with your loved ones with one single touch.

3. Build What Matter to You

Your favorite photographs, the words news, the weather, all of this can be found by making use of the widgets. Yes, widgets were also a feature in Windows 10, but Windows 11 have many new features than you could ever imagine.

4. Play Your Favorite Games

If you are a gaming fan, then know that Windows 11 will make it happen for you. With graphics that rival reality, you can play with players on the console.

Now that you have learned about the features of Windows 11, check if Windows 10 has been upgraded. We are confirming this because a number of people face issues during the process. To ensure that you don’t go through the same, we have mentioned some points below that you need to keep in mind.

Important Points for Upgrade Windows 10

1. Proper Power Supply

Make sure that your laptop is receiving an adequate as well as a fluctuation-free power supply. The charger should be properly plugged into the laptop and the wall outlet.

2. Strong Internet Connection

See to it that your internet connection is working just fine. If required, it is recommended that you get in touch with your ISP and ask him to keep things cool from his end.

3. Manage Passwords with Microsoft

When signing in to websites, Microsoft Edge will help you to save passwords. Not just that but it will automatically fill them in for you whenever required.

4. Avoid Interrupting the Process

Do not turn off your laptop while Windows 10 is getting upgraded to 11. Or else, the process will get disrupted and you’ll come across issues that you do not want to face.

Wrap Up

People love Windows 11. And if you are eager to join them, then trust us, following the guidelines mentioned above is the right decision. Although after following them, you will learn how to upgrade Windows 10 to 11 successfully, on the off chance, you get stuck at some point, contacting our experts is an option.

Do not worry about the time at which you should contact them as they are always on the ball to help out struggling users like you.

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