Comprehensive Guide on WiFi 6: Top Reasons Why You Need It

Do you want to know everything that you can about WiFi 6? Well, you have come to the right post. Here, we have highlighted the topmost reasons why you should consider WiFi 6. Thus, quit waiting and walk through this 5-minute read.

Reasons Why You Need WiFi 6

Much Faster WiFi

The topmost benefit that you will get by opting WiFi 6 equipped devices is a fast internet speed. This can be better understood with an example:

Even if you are currently using a WiFi router with a single device, its maximum speed will go up to 40 to 50 percent with the help of WiFi 6. This same advantage WiFi 5 won’t be able to give you. Apart from this, WiFi 6 gives excellent results.

With WiFi 6, the speed with also increase on a 2.4 GHz network. Although the industry has paved its way to 5GHz, 2.4GHz is still a better option to consider.

Better Performance

Have you ever noticed how your WiFi connection gets flaky when you get into a crowded place that consists of plenty of Wi-Fi-enabled devices? Nodding your head in yes? Well, then you might also know how that leads to a signal drop.

Well, with WiFi 6, you will also be able to get rid of this problem. WiFi 6 is known to improve the average speed of every user minimum of 3 times in crowded places, the ones that are filled with WiFi-enabled devices.

Now, know this does not only apply to stations, hospitals, or airports but also to your home. If too many devices are connecting the network, with WiFi 6, you can easily stay connected without a lessened speed.

Longer Battery Backup

Are you aware of TWT? No? Well, TWT stands for Target Wake Time. This feature means that your laptop, mobile device, and other WiFi-enabled devices should have a longer life when it comes to battery.

When the access point is in touch with a device, let’s say your smartphone, it can easily tell the device what is the right time to put the WiFi radio option to sleep. Not only this, but it will also tell the device when to wake up exactly in order to receive a transmission.

Fights Congestion

Apart from the aforementioned benefits, WiFi 6 can also divide a wireless channel into a large number of sub-channels. To know what we are talking about in detail, you should refer to the next section.

Each of the sub-channels can carry data meant or intended for a different device. The nature of this access point is that it can talk to more than one device at the same time.

With WiFi 5, the access point did not have the liberty to talk to multiple devices all at once, but WiFi 6 has an improved version of MU-MIMO.

Is WiFi 6 Worth It?

Despite going through the reasons mentioned above, are you still wondering if WiFi 6 is worth it or not? Well, this section will clear that doubt of yours. WiFi 6 is definitely worth it if you are planning to use not one, not two, but a number of devices with your network all at the same time.

Plus, your WiFi 5 devices can easily be connected to a WiFi 6 wireless network. However, if your device is as old as your grandparents, then it won’t be able to take the advantage of WiFi 6. This is probably the only disadvantage of WiFi 6.

If despite knowing this, you really are in the need to gain access to a blazing-fast internet connection and want to future-proof your WiFi network, opting for devices equipped with WiFi 6 shouldn’t wait.

End Note

WiFi 6 is a new standard in WiFi technology that was mainly designed to enhance the reliability as well as the speed of wireless networks. WiFi 6 is mainly essential in smart homes and big offices. With that, we hope that you liked reading this post and got enough knowledge regarding WiFi 6. Plus, we expect that this post answered the ‘Why should I opt for WiFi 6?’ question in your head.

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