Can Wi-Fi be used for Smart Home Management System?

The straightforward answer to this question is yes! A WiFi connection can be used for managing smart home systems. You can easily control and manage the basic functions of your smart home devices via WiFi or using a mobile app.
The idea of turning your simple home into a smart home is fabulous. You must pat your back. But, for controlling and managing your smart devices, a WiFi connection is necessary. Scroll down a little and get to know how to manage your smart home management system using WiFi.

Get a Strong Internet Connection

For instance, if you have your own voice assistant, then how would you supposed to control it? Probably, via a strong internet connection, right? Regarding this, you have to contact the service provider. Ask him to suggest a better internet plan with the best WiFi speed.

Once you have a strong internet connection, connect your smart device, i.e. voice assistant with it and command:

  • Turn on the lights
  • Turn off the AC
  • Lock/ open the door
  • Turn off the fan

Security alarms, brighter bulbs, smart thermostats, CCTV, Alexa devices, etc. All are perfect examples to create a smart home. But, to manage all these, you must require a WiFi connection.

Note: If you don’t have WiFi or internet, then don’t sweat over it. A number of smart home devices don’t require an internet connection. But, to perform the smart device’s important function, a WiFi connection is required.

Update the Firmware

To boost the WiFi and overall performance of the device, you need to update its firmware. So, you have to visit the official site of your device to update your range extender. But, prior to proceeding further, please provide the model number of the device so that you can get the exact instructions for the firmware update process.

Download the App

This is one of the most important steps to controlling a smart home management system via WiFi. If you want to access your devices remotely, we suggest downloading the app of the respective device. Once you are done, provide a valid username, password, and email ID. Now, you are all set to control your smart device via the app.

Note: If you have downloaded the app of your smart device on a smartphone, then ensure that you are connected to the SSID of your device. For instance, if you own a Netgear extender, then you must be connected to Netgear_Ext.

The Configuration

Configuration of your WiFi device is very important to manage a smart home system via WiFi. Bear in mind – if your existing device (extender, router, or modem) isn’t configured in a proper way, then you will not be able to have access over WiFi. So, a proper configuration of your WiFi device is important.

Get a Range Extender

An extender is the best way to manage your home system via WiFi!

If you live in a big house or apartment, then a router alone is not enough to provide you with WiFi connectivity in every nook and cranny of your house. In that case, a range extender is better. The best range extenders are from Linksys, Netgear, TP-Link, and Rockspace. Just connect it to your existing router via the WPS method and you are all set to enjoy the best and uninterrupted internet services.

Once your extender gets configured, you can connect your smart devices to its SSID. What’s more interesting? Netgear, Linksys, and TP-Link extender have their app. So, you can download the app of your respective device and control your range extender as well via WiFi. Isn’t that cool?

Note: If an extender seems out of the budget for you, then routers and modems are also available in the same brand.

In a Nutshell

To entertain yourself, your guests, and relatives, owning a smart home has become necessary. No matter that you fill your house with luxury items – remember, “sometimes hard work does not pay but smart work does”. This means, a big home isn’t important! What matters is a smart home that is only managed via good WiFi.

As New Year is around the corner – everybody wants to decorate their home smart devices and a good WiFi connection, right.

So, share with us – what you did to manage your smart home.

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