Linksys Router Red Light: A Troubleshooting Guide

Have you tried every possible fix to troubleshoot Linksys router red light issue? Now, are you planning to reset Linksys router in order to get the red light issue fixed? Well, resetting would be the last solution. But, before that, we suggest you walk through this piece of writing once. We give you our words that over here you will get a relevant solution for the issue you are looking for. Hence, keep reading!

Fixed: Linksys Router Red Light

Fix 1: Power Cycle Your Linksys Router

Though Linksys WiFi router is one of the best WiFi devices to cover every area in your home with a lag-free internet, it is also prone to technical issues. And, the red light issue is one of the most common issues among them.
Need not to worry! To get rid of technical glitches, we suggest you restart your Linksys WiFi router once.
Here are the instructions to be implemented in order to power cycle or restart the Linksys router in the exact given order:

Step1: First things first, you need to power off your Linksys router by unplugging it from the wall socket in which it is plugged in.
Step2: Also, you need to disconnect your Linksys router and the internet modem.

Step3: Wait for a few seconds.
Step4: Turn the Linksys router on and reconnect it to your internet modem.

Now, see if the Linksys router red light issue has been fixed by implementing the power cycling process.

Fix 2: Check with Your ISP

If you are still going nuts because of the red light issue on your Linksys router, then the problem may be from your internet service provider end. To get the red light issue fixed and to make the most out of your Linksys router, contact your ISP right away and check if you are receiving sufficient internet range and services from him.
But hold on! Prior to interacting with your ISP, make sure that you have paid your internet bills. On the other hand, ensure that your current data plan is already upgraded. If not, ask your internet service provider to do the needful for you.

Fix 3: Check Linksys Router Location

Have you placed your Linksys router at its ideal location? Please verify it! If not, then it’s high time you relocate it. Ensure that your Linksys router is placed in close proximity to your internet modem. Apart from that, you need to be certain that your Linksys device is placed on a higher, open, and clean shelf.
Note: If you place your Linksys router inside a cabinet, under a table, or back of any device, then getting the red light issue is obvious. Therefore, ensure to spot your Linksys router at the center-most area in your home.
Still no luck? If the red light issue is still not leaving your back, then check the Ethernet connection you have establish between your Linksys router and modem. On the other hand, the cable you have used for connecting your devices must not be broken or damaged. Consider this as one of the most important fixes and get a permanent fix for the “Linksys router red light” issue.

Fix 4: Update Linksys Router Firmware

You can also try updating the router’s firmware via Linksys app to fix the red light issue. Simply use the correct Linksys Login details to access the Linksys app and instructions (as per router’s model you have) to update the latest version of firmware on your router.
While the Linksys router firmware update process is going on, we strictly recommend:

  • Do not turn off your router. A steady and continuous power supply to the router is very important. And, insufficient power supply can also be one of the major causes behind getting the red light issue
  • Avoid going online or disconnecting it from your internet modem.

Fix 5: Reset Your Linksys Router

Possibilities are you have not done Linksys router setup process in a proper way. If so, then keep in mind, improper configuration of the Linksys device is one of the most common reasons behind getting the red light issue. So, to make the most out of your Linksys router, just be sure that you have configured it in a proper way. If not,then resetting is the only way that can save you from improper Linksys router setup hassle.

How to Reset Linksys Router?

To reset your Linksys router, here are the instructions to be implemented:
Step1: Keep your Linksys router on a proper and steady power.
Step2: Disconnect your internet modem from the Linksys router.
Step3: Once you are done, locate and press the router’s reset hole.
Step4: Hold the reset hole for a few seconds, and once you are successfully done with completing the process, reconfigure the Linksys router from scratch.
We hope that this article has helped you to fix the “Linksys router red light” issue. If so, then you are all set to enjoy the ultra-fast router’s WiFi signals from any corner of your house.

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