MacBook Air M2 vs MacBook Pro M2: Which One to Choose?

Are you interested in one of Apple’s new M2 Macbooks; however you are confused about which one you should invest your money in? Well, we know how confusion-filled your mind is right now as both these devices are similar. This is the reason why we have written this blog. Below, we have discussed the difference between Macbook Air M2 and Macbook Pro M2. Thus, you should skip wasting any more time, and get to reading.

MacBook Air M2 vs Macbook Pro M2

1. M2 Processor Variation

Technically, whether it is Macbook Pro M2 or Macbook Air M2, both laptops use the new M2 chip. This chip operates in the same way in both machines. However, there are certain key differences.

For instance, if you get your hands on a Macbook Pro M2, you will gain access to a chip that by default is in-built with a 10-core GPU standard. And in case you get a Macbook Air M2, you only get an 8-core GPU standard. Now, do you see the difference?

2. Screen Size

The Macbook Air M2 has a bigger screen as compared to Macbook Pro M2. The Macbook Air’s screen is approximately 13.6 inches whereas Macbook Pro has 13.3-inch display. Distinct from Macbook Pro, the screen of the Macbook Air is more square-like.

If you have a thing for a bigger display, then it is recommended that you opt for Macbook Air M2 instead of Macbook Pro M2. Despite having a larger screen Macbook Air M2 is also much thinner than the screen of Macbook Pro M2. It is the best thinnest laptops right now in the industry. If you are willing to become more acquainted of the comparison points between the two, read on.

3. Battery Life

Considering that Macbook Pro M2 is heavier and thicker than Macbook Air M2, it is obvious that this demands a larger battery. Its battery lasts more than two hours as compared to the battery of Macbook Air M2.

Plus, another benefit that you will get if you choose a Macbook Pro M2 is an established power adapter. It comes with a 67-watt charger. This charger is known to top up the battery a lot faster than the power adapter of Macbook Air M2.

4. Webcam

One of the most interesting and unexpected differences between the Macbook models is a webcam. Who would have thought that even this could be a point of difference?

The Macbook Pro M2 uses the same camera as Macbook Pro M1 whereas Macbook Air M2 has the best webcam with a 1080p resolution.

5. Speakers

As compared to Macbook Pro M2, Air M2 has far better speakers in comparison. Thus, if you are a music lover and want your house to become a music house, you should probably place your bet on Macbook Air M2 rather than wasting your time on Macbook Pro M2.

Are you still confused about which model should you use? Well, why lose hope yet when you can refer to the next comparison point?

6. Keyboard

The Touch Bar is a feature exclusive to the machine that you are reading about right now. You will find that it is the end one left. In 2016, Apple updated the Macbook Pro’s function key namely media controls. This is a contentious trait that some adore and others despise.

On the bright side, the Touch Bar may provide you with the precise shortcut keys for the current program, which is preferable to having to memorize key combinations or navigate menus to execute particular activities. The disadvantage is that not many apps support the functionality to make it viable, and if a key has multiple meanings at different times, muscle memory is difficult to establish.

Final Winner

When comparing these two computers, the Macbook Air comes out on top on nearly every point. It boasts a larger screen with fewer bezels and even more color possibilities.

Although some users loathe using Macbook Air, the great majority of consumers still should purchase the Macbook Air M2. Which device did you use? Are you in the mood to share? If you are moving your head up and down, it is recommended that you share that via the section below. Apart from that, do you want to stay in touch with similar? Visit this website often.

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